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Jason Racicot

Jason Raicot

Также известно как: J. Racicot

Дискография Jason Racicot:

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Once resident DJ at one of Canada's most exclusive night clubs "ZAP" with a nightly capacity 1500 patrons. Subsequent club residencies: V.I.P., Citi-Club, Alexandra, Le Caucus, Broadstreet, Aquadôme, Lounge 426, Loft 455, and Le Pergola. Release of first re-mixing project in 1994 with "Show Me Love" by Canadian recording artist Solina. Co-founded and implemented "Studio Digital" where many successful remixes were produced over a two-year period with DJ Denis Dupéré. In 1996 I associated with Eclips Audio Productions and collaborated with long time friend J.D. Ménard. Accolades: • Semi-finalist in a Province of Quebec-wide mix competition • Finished 4th place in national Canadian Megamix competition • Featured Remixer on "Kool 93 dot 9 Kapital Kuts" music compilation sponsored by radio station Kool FM 93.9, Ottawa, Ontario Canada • Ottawa Record Pool 1998 Technical Achievement award.

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