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Victor Ortiz

Victor Ortiz

Также известно как: "Vicious Vic" Ortiz, "Vicious" Vic, "Vicious" Vic Ortiz, V. Ortiz, Vic Ortiz, Vicious Vic Ortiz, Viscious Vic Ortiz

Дискография Victor Ortiz:

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Victor Ortiz aka Vicious Vic (Uprise Music, Caffeine, Moist Music, New York City) Victor's credentials in the American Electronic Dance Music culture are undeniable. A veteran of the East coast rave scene Victor aka "DJ Vicious Vic", helped give the Caffeine sound of the New York City underground global recognition. As a natural advancement from his success as a DJ to Remixer and Producer, allowed him to build his own discography of music in the genres of House, Breaks, Trance and Dance which have included releases on labels such as Nervous NYC, Sorted, Arista, Strictly Rhythm, Floorwax, Adrenalin Records, Warlock Records, Polygram, Next Plateau and Ministry Of Sound. Vicious Vic joined with DJ Micro under the pseudonym "Progression" also produce a series of hugely successful remixes and original work. Victor is now co owner of the widely successful Phase One Music / Moist Music / Uprise Music NYC label.

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