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Noize Speed Coreporation

Также известно как: NSC
Члены группы Noize Speed Coreporation: Desorder

Дискография Noize Speed Coreporation:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Noize Distorsion 3 audio iTunes 2001-08-24 Mascha Records
2 Party Killa 3 audio iTunes 2001-08-26 Mascha Records
3 Noize Turbina 3 audio iTunes 2001-09-03 Mascha Records
4 Gateway To Beyond 3 audio iTunes 2001-09-10 Mascha Records
5 IndustrialKore 3 audio iTunes 2001-09-19 Mascha Records
6 Agyvihar 3 audio iTunes 2001-10-03 Mascha Records
7 R3 3 audio iTunes 2001-10-16 Mascha Records
8 Minimal Resistance 3 audio iTunes 2001-12-05 Mascha Records
9 Witness Of Forensic Horror 3 audio iTunes 2002-01-15 Mascha Records
10 Penis Epidermis Ejaculation 3 audio iTunes 2002-01-15 Mascha Records
11 Embalmed Alive 3 audio iTunes 2002-01-18 Mascha Records
12 Devastation 3 audio iTunes 2002-04-07 Mascha Records
13 Enriched By Evil 3 audio iTunes 2002-04-07 Mascha Records
14 Prostheticcuntsampler 3 audio iTunes 2002-05-06 Mascha Records
15 Totalis Kiirtas 3 audio iTunes 2002-10-25 Mascha Records

Members: GameMaster, Rew and Desorder NSC main profile was remixing deathmetal/grindcore tracks and changing them 4/4 music. The project formed in 2001 and "based" in different locations. (Nagykanizsa and Nyiregyhaza, Hungary) After making several remixes, GameMaster and Rew left NSC in 2002 (unknown reason) and then suddenly NSC became a "one person project". NSC is inactive since 2005.

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