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Eskimo Fox

Charles Kelly

Также известно как: "Eskimo" Fox, "Eskimo" Fox a.k.a. "Charley Mus'come", 'Eskimo' Fox a.k.a. 'Charley Mus'come', Charles "Eskimo" Fox, Charles 'Eskimo' Fox, Charles Eskimo Fox, Charley "Eskimo" Fox, Charlie Eskimo Fox, Charly "Eskime" Fox, Charly "Fox" Kelly, Charly Fox, Charrie "Eskimo" Fox, Eskimo, Fox
Группа в интернете: http://www.skysaw.org/onu/artists/charlieeskimofox.html

Дискография Eskimo Fox:

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VERNAL R. O. KELLY was born in St. Thomas Jamaica. As a child he was known as "CHARLES KELLY". This was a family pet name. To this day he is known as CHARLIE "ESKIMO" FOX. During his childhood CHARLIE was placed into the care of the sisters at the famous Alpha Boys School Kingston JA where his music inspiration began. After leaving school he concentrated on drumming and got the opportunity to travel to England. As part of a loose collective of musicians operating in North West London he played in the band THE DAVROCKS in the mid 70s working with most of the top singers and DeeJays from Jamaica. During this period he also founded the FREEDOM FIGHTERS and later joined CREATION REBEL. With various rhythm sessions he provided the back-up for musicians from GREGORY ISAACS, DENNIS BROWN, DELROY WILSON, ALTON ELLIS to DILLINGER, TAPPA ZUKIE and PRINCE FAR-I. Throughout the last 25 years his work has appeared on many recordings. FOX has made a sizeable contribution to the early On-U Sound productions as a member of CREATION REBEL, NEW AGE STEPPERS, original AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE, SINGERS AND PLAYERS and the first MAFFIA (MARK STEWART) album "Learning To Cope With Cowardice". He continues to work with long term comrade LIZARD (bassist from CREATION REBEL).

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