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Jimmy Douglass

Также известно как: Douglass, J. Douglas, J. Douglass, J.Douglass, James Douglass, Jim Douglas, Jimmie Douglass, Jimmy "Fingertips" Douglass, Jimmy (Dancemaster) Douglass, Jimmy (Killer D) Douglass, Jimmy D, Jimmy D., Jimmy Douglas, Jimmy Douglass (The Producers Group), Jimy Douglass, Johnny Douglass, Senaot Jimmy D., Senator Jimmy D, Senator Jimmy D., Senator Jimmy Douglass
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/jimmymagicmix

Дискография Jimmy Douglass:

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Studio engineer, producer and owner of [l406249] who learned from watching the work of [a=Tom Dowd]. Well-known for his work with hip-hop producer Timbaland in the recent years, but the work of "Senator Jimmy D" stretches back to the 1970s, when he worked with Otis Redding, Bette Midler, Hall & Oates, The Rolling Stones and more. Why is the engineer is listed as Senator Jimmy D and the Mixer as Jimmy Douglass on some recordings? "When you’re mixing, you’re often off in the room by yourself but when you’re recording you have be a diplomat – It’s political! So when I’m engineering, I call myself Senator Jimmy D." -from a 2003 interview with Marsha Vdovin

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