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Kishi Yamamoto

Kishiko Yamamoto

Также известно как: K. Yamamoto, K.Yamamoto, Kishi, Kishi Yamamate, Yamamoto

Дискография Kishi Yamamoto:

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Kishi Yamamoto was co-founder, with [a=Adrian Sherwood], of the [l=On-U Sound] label in 1980. Until her departure in the beginning of the 90's, Kishi was extremely involved in the label activity as musician first (as keyboards/piano player) for [a=Dub Syndicate], [a=African Head Charge], [a=Barmy Army] ... and many more, as producer (for [a=Annie Anxiety Bandez]), but also as a gifted photographer and artist (she did all sleeve designs and photographies of the On-U sound records).

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