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Paul Micioni

Paolo Micioni

Также известно как: Micioni, P-Micioni, P. Micioni, P. Micoini, P.Micioni, Paolo Micioni
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/paulmicioni, http://www.myspace.com/paolomicioni

Дискография Paul Micioni:

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Italian club-dj, author, arranger, record producer. Born in Foligno, near Perugia, 3rd of March, 1956, is one of the proponents of the success of the genre [i]Italo-Disco[/i]. Begins djing at age 20 on the Adriatic sea. In 1977 replacing [a=Claudio Casalini] at the console of [i]Easy Going[/i], historical gayclub in Rome, where he knows the luck. In fact , is noticed by [a=Giancarlo Meo] and [a=Claudio Simonetti] and invited to form with two other DJs the boy band of [a=Easy Going], wherever known thanks their best hit [i]Baby I Love You[/i]. In 1982 forms [a=Traks]. Their first 12" [i]Long Train Running[/i] released by [l=Best Record] receives great success and represents the true beginning of a new genre widely known as [i]Italo-Disco[/i]. He rides the wave producing [a=Gary Low] [a=Gazebo], [a=Sammy Barbot] and the never forgotten [a=Mike Francis], In the 90's is also working on projects by [a=Marina Rei], [a=Tiromancino], [a=Niccolò Fabi] and many others. Art director of [l=Twilight Music], during 30 years appears in the hits all over the world. Suffering from Parkinson's since 2005, but able to live independently and qualitatively acceptable, since several years is fighting his own battle 'Informed' for patients less fortunate than himself.

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