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Femme Fatale

Mickey Modelle

Члены группы Femme Fatale: Markita Ferguson

Дискография Femme Fatale:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Love EP 2 audio iTunes 2003-00-00 Boss
2 Domina 3 audio iTunes Tube Records (2)

Mickey Modelle (aka Femme Fatale) started djing 15 years ago doing roadshows, weddings and parties. He then went on to do more club orientated work and held down 3 residencies in The Limelight, Thompsons Garage and The Parliament. Mickey was eventually spotted by Intelligence who were interested in managing Mickey and they booked him all over Ireland. Mickey moved on and took up residency in the backroom at Exit 15, gradually taking over in the main room as the hardcore scene there died. Mickey began receiving loads of great press in the major dance magazines and bookings came in thick and fast from everywhere. At this point in his career Mickey also managed 3 of the top underground record stores, Streetdance Records, Elite Records & Central Records. Mickey then moved to London to branch out into production. Before long the tracks he was producing were being hammered by people like Tony De Vit, Steve Thomas, Judge Jules, Lisa Pin-Up to name but a few. These Dj's then started to sign them to their compilation albums much to Mickey's astonishment. As time went on Mickey started producing under the name ‘Tuff Twins’ with musical partner Porl Young and launching their own label. Mickey and Porl were subsequently inundated with remix offers, remixing the likes of, Atomic Kitten, Vengaboys, Ian Van Dahl, Rachel Auburn, Tripoli Trax. This has recently led to collaborations with Ann Savage, Lisa Pin Up and Rachel Auburn. Mickey has now given up his commitments to the record stores, to concentrate solely on Dj’ing and production. Look out for more great productions from Mickey in the very near future…

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