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Tim Powell

Timothy Martin Powell

Также известно как: "Mad" Tim, 'Tiny' Tim, I. Powell, Mad Tim, Mad Tim Powell, Powell, T. Powell, T.Powell, Timithy Powell, Timothy Powell, Tiny Tim
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Powell_%28producer%29

Дискография Tim Powell:

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UK-based songwriter, producer and mixer. Tim Powell was a member of Xenomania from the very beginning. In March 2010, after 14 years with the team, Tim became an independent producer and songwriter. Tim Powell (born 21 June 1979) was a key member of the writing and production house Xenomania for fourteen years. His first hit "All I Wanna Do" for Dannii_Minogue peaked at number four in the UK Singles Chart in 1997. In his fourteen years at Xenomania, Powell contributed to hit records such as "Hole in the Head" and "Round Round" by Sugababes, "Call the Shots" by Girls Aloud and "Love etc." by Pet Shop Boys. In March 2010, Powell split from Xenomania to become an independent songwriter and producer. Following his departure, Powell co-wrote "I'm in Love" by Alex Gaudino and co-wrote and produced Ed_Drewetts debut single "Champagne Lemonade", released in October 2010. Powell has collaborated again with Pet Shop Boys co-writing and producing their single, "Together", which features on their album Ultimate.

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