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Night Clubbers

Isao Masui (舛井功)

Дискография Night Clubbers:

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Inspired by Junior Vasquez, the C&C Music Factory, Isao Masui is a Japanese musical arranger and mixer for ZAIN PRODUCTS label. He uses his real name when he arranges music and the stage name of "night clubbers" for his remixes. Has worked with [a=Hayami Kishimoto], [a=Rina Aiuchi] and [a=Sparkling☆Point] to arrange for different songs. He has remixed songs for various artists on the compilation albums "Cool City Production" of Being artists, Inc. ([a=Rina Aiuchi], [a=U-ka Saegusa IN db], [a=ZARD], Garnet Crow and Azumi Uehara) also remixed the song "I am..." of the J-Pop superstar, [a=Ayumi Hamasaki].

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