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Boni Boyer

Bonita Louisa Boyer

Также известно как: B. Boyer, Bani Boyer, Boyer

Дискография Boni Boyer:

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B: July 28, 1958 D: December 4, 1996. Boni Boyer contributed back-up vocals and played a wide variety of instruments for [a=Lionel Richie], [a=Tony! Toni! Toné!], [a=Con Funk Shun], and [a=Digital Underground]. She was best known for her work with [a=Prince] from 87 to 90, providing vocals and keyboards playing on albums and concert tours. A fellow classmate of [a=Sheila E.], Boyer was replaced in Prince's band with [a=Rosie Gaines]. Boni Boyer passed away from a brain aneurysm. Boni Boyer must not be confused with disco singer [a=Bonnie Boyer].

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