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Alvaro Ugolini

Alvaro Ugolini

Также известно как: A. Ugolini, Alvaro Ungolini, Rivaro Ugolini, Ugolini

Дискография Alvaro Ugolini:

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Italian record producer (16 February 1954, Rome) with a glorious past as club-dj since 1975 in the most prestigious clubs. Architect, from the early days considered the great designer of the disco-music for his impeccable taste and technique of mixing. In 1982 with [a=Dario Raimondi] Cominesi (other historic club-dj), founds the [l=Energy Production S.r.l.] and [l=X-Energy Records] with Italo top hits [i]Take Me To The Top[/i] by [a=Advance] & [i]Color My Love[/i] by [a=Fun Fun] later followed by explosives projects [i]Saturday Night[/i] by [a=Whigfield] and many others as [i]Tu Es Foutu[/i] by [a=In-Grid], [i]2 Times[/i] by [a=Ann Lee], [i]Satisfaction[/i] by [a=Benny Benassi].

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