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Matt O'Brien

Группа в интернете: http://www.loopsandsamples.co.nz/dj_obrien.html

Дискография OB1:

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1 Untitled 3 audio iTunes Untitled

As the busiest DJ on the New Zealand touring circuit OB1 is no stranger to travel.In a different club in a different town every weekend of the year,he maintains his unshakeable status as New Zealand's NRG Master! Having progressed from his formative rave years in Christchurch,to headlining the huge mid '90s warehouse parties in Wellington,OB1 departed New Zealand mid '96 for Japan,to biuld a loyal following over two years in the Osaka uplifting club scene.He was flown back for a midnight mainstage spot at the '96-'97 Gathering only to play his last Happy-Hardcore set............. After a brief return to Japan the pathway to NRG Mastery led OB1 to London.Immersing himself for a full year in the pulsing London Progressve scene,OB1 became adept in the way of the party. Returning to NZ again for the historic '99/2000 Gathering,at 2am,mainstage,for the very first few hours of the new Millenium, OB1 staked his claim as NZ NRG Master! OB1-continuing to set the pace for New Zealand's dance scene - started the now legendary series of 'Digital Punks' club nights in August of 2003...... OB1 presenting his cutting edge fusion of Breaks,Electro,Punk,Tuff House and Nu Wave made Digital Punks an icon within the NZ dance scene with many local DJ's catching onto his foward thinking sound.....

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