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Flaminio Maphia

Также известно как: Flaminio Retrò
Группа в интернете: http://www.flaminiomaphia.it/

Дискография Flaminio Maphia:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Er Traffico 6 audio iTunes 2003-08-00 Do It Yourself Entertainment
2 Resurrezione 18 audio iTunes 2001 Virgin Music (Italy)
3 Che Idea 2 audio iTunes 2005 Dance Factory (2)
4 Restafestagangsta 4 audio iTunes 1997 Undafunk Records
5 Per Un Pugno Di Euri 17 audio iTunes 2005 EMI
6 Che Idea 2 audio iTunes 2004
7 La Mia Banda Suona Il Rap 3 audio iTunes 2006 Ariola
8 Bada 5 audio iTunes 2001 Virgin Music (Italy)
9 Ragazze Acidelle 2 audio iTunes 2003 EMI
10 Le Facce Della Notte 3 audio iTunes 2001 Nonsense Edizioni Musicali
11 Italy's Most Wanted 13 audio iTunes 1998-09-29
12 Che Idea! 3 audio iTunes 2005 EMI
13 La Banda Der Trucido 28 audio iTunes 1997 Robba Coatta

G-Max and Rude MC are Flaminio Maphia. G-Max started rhyming in 1991 with the group G.S.P., which included Booster G and Yasmine (who went on to join Sottotono). Rude began rapping in 1988 and made a demo with Ice One who provided the beats. In 1994, the two, along with Booster G formed Flaminio Maphia, named after a neighborhood in Rome. Booster G left the group the following year, around the same time that Sparo and Pusha joined. The first full length CD Italy's Most Wanted was released in 1998. It was self-produced (but distributed by CD Club) and featured the beats of the some of the best in the Italian hip Hop scene — Wigsoo, Ice One, DJ Pug, DJ Lugi, Squarta di Robba Coatta. That same year, Pusha and Sparo left the group while the vocalist Perla joined. Flaminio Maphia has opened for the Italian tours of American artists Ice-T (1995), Coolio and De La Soul (1997), and the Wu-Tang Clan (1999). The Manetti Bros. directed several of the group's videos — "Restafestagangsta," "Balla e dalla," and "La gabbia." G-Max and Rude MC appeared in the Manetti's dark Hip Hop commedy "Zora la Vampira" (2000). G-Max also appeared in director A.J. Sikabony's "Semiautomatic Roma Metal Jacket" (also starring Italian rappers Neffa, Ice One, Tormento of Sottotono, and DJ Enzo) and in Antonello Fassari's "Il segreto del giaguaro."

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