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Off The Sky

Jason Corder

Также известно как: offthesky
Группа в интернете: http://www.offthesky.com, http://www.myspace.com/offthesky, https://www.facebook.com/offthesky

Дискография Off The Sky:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Studies Of Form In Transit 8 audio iTunes 2003 Autoplate
2 Cold Distances 9 audio iTunes 2003 dataObscura
3 Gently Down The Stream 12 audio iTunes 2005 Databloem
4 Caustic Light EP 4 audio iTunes 2005-09-07 Autoplate
5 It Is Impossible To Say Just What I Mean 9 audio iTunes 2005-11-03 Stilll
6 We All Fall Down 13 audio iTunes 2006-10-22 dataObscura
7 !Escape Kit! 10 audio iTunes 2008-08-01 Somnia
8 Dwelling Spells 4 audio iTunes 2008-09-29 Zymogen
9 Subtle Trees 7 audio iTunes 2008-08-06 Rope Swing Cities
10 Creek Caught Fire 8 audio iTunes 2008-11-14 The Land of
11 Evolute Of An Ion Apple 3 audio iTunes 2008-02-00 SEM Label
12 Suspended 8 audio iTunes 2009 Symbolic Interaction
13 Fluorescence 3 audio iTunes 2009-08-21 Tokyo Droning
14 On Aerial Archetype 6 audio iTunes 2009-10-26 Archipel
15 Du Soleil 7 audio iTunes 2010-04-30 Resting Bell
16 iterate i. 3 audio iTunes 2010-06-25 Acre
17 “To All The Twelve Year Old Girls Who Buy Our Tapes" 4 audio iTunes 2010-12-03 Rural Colours
18 A Dream In A Dream 2 audio iTunes 2011-05-24 Audio Gourmet Netlabel
19 Subtle Trees 7 audio iTunes 2011-06-09
20 The Door In The Wall 2 audio iTunes 2011-11-01 Wist Rec
21 Boy With The Golden Cough 2 audio iTunes 2011-10-28 Rural Colours
22 Fluorescence 3 audio iTunes 2011-10-07 Tokyo Droning
23 The Lowern Decay EP 4 audio iTunes 2012-05-21 Wist Rec
24 Changeyourprocess 2 audio iTunes 2012-04-30 basic_sounds
25 Changeyourprocess 2 audio iTunes 2012-04-30 basic_sounds
26 Afar, Farewell 5 audio iTunes 2012-10-12 Rural Colours
27 Geometry Of Echos 7 audio iTunes 2008 Not On Label
28 Breathing 2 audio iTunes 2013-09-23 Dronarivm
29 85% 3 audio iTunes 2013-09-06 hibernate
30 Exit To Anywhere 5 audio iTunes 2013-09-06 hibernate
31 I Will Love You, Always 2 audio iTunes 2012-05-01 Full Spectrum Records
32 The Season Of Lost Buttons 4 audio iTunes 2014-03-07 Wist Rec
33 Stationaryrace 3 audio iTunes 2014-04-01 basic_sounds
34 Stationaryrace 3 audio iTunes 2014-04-01 basic_sounds

Off the Sky Biography “Tender as a hypersensitive turntable needle scratching whale-song at dusk, Off the Sky sharpens the edges of low fidelity; a shy waltz between brittle circuitry and the dynamic of natural substances. Jason melds loose elements - both natural and artificial - of minimal ambience and acoustic sensibilities with an uncanny sense of composition. Melodically, there in lies a gentle relationship of shuddering respirator breath like patterns leaning against blurry walls of sonic swell. Seemingly written as love letters from a ghost in the shell, his music beckons a quiet admiration under a pale moon-lit cityscape from afar...” - Matt Yarington, Abandon Building Records Believe it or not, the moniker “Off the Sky” was originally birthed as a simple misinterpretation of an obscure line from that famous film Trainspotting. Random as its conception was, Off the Sky is an all too apropos title summating the dub-atmospheric and acoustic solo projects emanating from Jason Corder’s studio in Kentucky, USA. It is a humble hande that reflects both his mild mannered nature and his usual “in-the-clouds” mind-set. The close of 1977 marked the time Jason Corder fell “off the sky” into this world. As soon as his mind gave flight he began wandering down his own alley of musical experimentation. Such oddities as broken electronic gear, a cheap Casio keyboard, and an old-time Wurlitzer piano all played their roles in the melding of his young subconscious sense of composition (or decomposition). To this day the old dusty Wurlitzer still sings a quiet tune every now and then buried deep inside the hull of Jason’s music (literally). Curiosity did not shy itself from Jason but befriended him with a strong arm. At 15 Jason discovered himself buried inside his own mind in an obscure world of tracker software and of computers bleeping in rapid fire patterns. Wielding an axe of determination, he began desperately chipping away at the thick pine of his software learning curves in hopes of carving a nitch for his style. Venting several years in this fashion produced many strange tunes with much experience gained. But reality checked itself in and he was forced to put his musical hat on the shelf to leave the solace of his studio for college. Several years later he returned to producing with a wild-fire drive for actualizing his extraordinary vision of underground electronic music forging a style loosely inspired by the likes of Monolake, Gas, and Christian Fennesz. One might find him actively engaged in one of his numerous loves: lapgazing in his studio, performing live fractal-visuals and musical shows, indulging in an obscure book, spinning the silicon out on his college radio show, playing guitar and laptop in his post-rock band, or simply just having a laugh with a friend or two. Although he is a mind of many facets, his focus remains clear and can be best summed up as “an honest attempt to achieve a time-less creative end through means of desperate experimentation”. And in so few words, Off the Sky is just that.

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