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Члены группы Fruitcake: Benny Baan, Mildred Douglas, Rob Taekema

Дискография Fruitcake:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 My Feet Won't Move / You Cheer Me Up 2 audio iTunes 1980
2 Put On Your Specs Again / I Like The Way 2 audio iTunes 1983 Best Record
3 I Like The Way 2 audio iTunes 1982
4 Fruitcake 2 audio iTunes 1981 EMI
5 Summer Melody / We're Here To Please You 2 audio iTunes 1983
6 Talkin' All Night 2 audio iTunes 1981
7 A Second Try / We Gotta Sing Our Ass Off 2 audio iTunes 1981
8 I Need A Nurse 3 audio iTunes 1989
9 Put On Your Specs Again 3 audio iTunes 1982
10 Put On Your Specs Again 2 audio iTunes 1982
11 Fruitcake (If You Wanna Stomp And Shake) 2 audio iTunes 1981 EMI
12 I Like The Way 3 audio iTunes 1982 Hispavox
13 Where's England? 12 audio iTunes 1992 Riff (2)

In 1980 Jan-Paul Driessen and Rob Taekema formed the Dutch disco group Fruitcake. Due to Jan-Paul's brother [a=Ellert Driessen] from [a=Spargo], record labels are interested in the group. Although their first single 'My Feet Won't Move' gets to #8 in the Dutch Top40, the rest of the singles are less succesful. In 1984 the band stops, leaving the world 2 albums. [b]Members:[/b] André Louhenapessy (Percussion) Bart Adrichem (Drums) Ben Baan (Keyboards) Jan Paul Driessen (Bass) Jo Ann Collins (Vocals) [a=Mildred Douglas] (Vocals).Quits the band in '81 and became later on a member of [a=Mai Tai] Rob Taekema (Guitar & Vocals)

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