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Prick Decay

Также известно как: PD, PD., Prick Decay Guerilla Tactics, Prickdecay, Prk Dcy
Члены группы Prick Decay: Dylan Nyoukis, Lisa Nyoukis

Дискография Prick Decay:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Who's Who In Hospitalization 13 audio iTunes 1996 Starlight Furniture Co.
2 Rotten Groove 3 audio iTunes 1996 Ignivomous
3 Electricity Vs Insects 6 audio iTunes 1996 Chocolate Monk
4 The Mechanics Of Belief 11 audio iTunes 1997
5 Mud Sound For Car Stereos 7 audio iTunes 1999 Pure (4)
6 Soupandfruit 2 audio iTunes 1995-10-00 Apraxia
7 Guidelines For Basement Non Fidel 17 audio iTunes 1995 Very Good Records
8 Dada Junk Spew! 3 audio iTunes 2009 Studies For Audio Orgies Records
9 Stdees Fr Postl Orgees Vol. 2 12 audio iTunes 1999 Chocolate Monk
10 Prick Decay 2 audio iTunes Root Don Lonie For Cash
11 Live Next Door To Johnny Memphis, Prophet And Teacher. They Raise Their Glasses And Drink A Toast To The Lips That Uttered "Life Is Like A New Tie" 40 audio iTunes Chocolate Monk
12 Escape To The Depository Of Shotgun Strap-Ons 43 audio iTunes Chocolate Monk
13 Use The Science Of Alien Infiltrated Beings To Create Intensified Chaos 15 audio iTunes 1994 Chocolate Monk
14 I Am A Gibbering Idiot (US Remix) 12 audio iTunes E.F. Tapes
15 Winged Discs And Crispy Pancakes 6 audio iTunes E.F. Tapes
16 Go Go Gamelan 3 audio iTunes Pink Skulls
17 Mud Sound For Car Stereos 7 audio iTunes 1995 Pure (4)
18 Rate Of CHB Is In 2 audio iTunes 1996 Union Pole
19 Fuck Gong 3 audio iTunes RRRecords

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