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Roger Nichols

Roger Nichols

Также известно как: R. Nicholas, R. Nichols, Roger, Roger "Joey" Nichols, Roger "The Immortal" Nichols, Roger (The Immortal) Nichols, Roger Nichols (The Immoral), Roger Nichols (The Immortal), Roger Nichols Project
Группа в интернете: http://www.rogernichols.com/, http://www.rogernicholsdigital.com/

Дискография Roger Nichols:

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Producer & recording engineer. [b]For SONGWRITER use [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Roger+Nichols+(2)]Roger Nichols (2)[/url][/b] Born 22.09.1944 in Oakland, California, USA, Died 09.04.2011. Has worked at [l=Jennifudy Studios], North Hollywood, Ca. He was an ex-nuclear engineer who turned producer & recording engineer and has worked extensively with [a=Steely Dan]. Also Nichols was a pioneer in the forefront of digital technology. He invented the Wendel sampling drum machine, direct-to-disc recording and rubidium nuclear clock. Sometimes he was referred to as Roger "The Immortal" Nichols.

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