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L.A. Work

Alexander Louvet

Также известно как: L.A. Works, L.A.Work, LA Work, LA Works
Группа в интернете: http://users.skynet.be/ALCPRODUCTIONS/labiographie.htm

Дискография L.A. Work:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Monotone The Remixes 3 audio iTunes 1999 B² (Byte Blue)
2 Take Me Higher 6 audio iTunes 2001 ALC Productions
3 Monotone 3 audio iTunes 1998-00-00 B² (Byte Blue)
4 Monotone 4 audio iTunes 2002 ALC Productions
5 Monotone Generation 3 audio iTunes 2000 B² (Byte Blue)
6 Imagination 3 audio iTunes 1999 Space Records
7 Is It Real What You Feel 5 audio iTunes 1995 A27 Records
8 Monotone Episode 2 3 audio iTunes 2000 B² (Byte Blue)
9 Congas Del Sol 4 audio iTunes 2003 ALC Productions
10 Get Ready Make Love 5 audio iTunes 1993-00-00 ALC Productions
11 I Like Sex 5 audio iTunes 1995 Pink Dance Department
12 Congas Del Sol 4 audio iTunes 2005 House Nation
13 In Memory Of 2 audio iTunes 1991 Backstage Records (Belgium)
14 In Memory Of 3 audio iTunes Backstage Records (Belgium)
15 Crazy Boy 2 audio iTunes 1995 Koch International
16 Diamond In My Heart 6 audio iTunes 1997 ALC Productions
17 I Like Sex 5 audio iTunes 1996 Koch International
18 Congas Del Sol 6 audio iTunes 2005 House Nation
19 In Memory Of 3 audio iTunes 1991 L.A. Work
20 Imagination (Radio Edit) 3 audio iTunes 2013 ALC Productions
21 Congas Del Sol 8 audio iTunes 2003 ALC Productions

L.A. WORK, alias Alexander Louvet (artist, producer & remixer), has been on the music scene since 1990 and to all insiders is far from an unknown figure ... As the only professional dance artist from the German-speaking side of Belgium, he got with the maxi-singles "In Memory of ...", "Get Ready Make Love", "Is It Real ...", "Crazy Boy", "I Like Sex", "Diamond In My heart", "Imagination" & projects as [a=Monotone] feat. L.A. WORK the international recognition he deserved. It all started with the release of the maxi-single "In Memory Of ..." in 1991, and with the mini-album "Get Ready-Make Love", in 1993. Midem 1994 : L.A. WORK was chosen by Sabam as one of the "Top 20 Belgian bands for the future". In 1994, Alexander founded his own label [l=ALC Productions] wich is a production (2 studios), publishing and promotion company; promoting most of his productions himself. Midem 1995 was where L.A. WORK signed a worldwide contract thanks to "Is It Real ...". This track was a co-production between No More/EMI Music Publishing and was produced by [a=Serge Ramaekers]& [a=Dominic Sas], famously notorious for Confettis "Sound of C" and "Living on my own" by [a=Freddie Mercury]. L.A. WORK consists of Alexander Louvet with his partner Gitte and have since the start a long line of live gigs. Touring with [a=N-Sync], [a=Whigfield], [a=Snap!], [a=2 Unlimited], Marlboro Music, Coca Cola Eurocharts Tour …

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