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Pat Deserio

Pat DeSario, Pat Diserio

Также известно как: Deserio, Deserto, P. Desario, P. Deserio, Pat Desario, Pat Diserio
Группа в интернете: http://www.discomusic.com/people-more/3025_0_11_0_C/

Дискография Pat Deserio:

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Italian Producer - Label Executive, based in Canada. Born 21.05.1950 in Montelongo, Campobasso, Italy Died 01.04.1990 from heart attack. Immigrated with his family to Montreal, Quebec in 1957. Known for his work with [a=Bombers], [a=Dogs Of War], [a=Kebekelektrik], [a=Bob-A-Rela] and [a=Rational Youth].

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