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Insane Macbeth

Keith Rodgers

Также известно как: Insane

Дискография Insane Macbeth:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 True Heart 3 audio iTunes 2005 Insane Recordings
2 The Retardation Project 14 audio iTunes 2000-12-00 Insane Recordings

Insane Macbeth started getting into production in 1988, it took a number of years to perfect his craft and in 1991, he produced 'Borderin' Insanity' for Kinetic Effect (whilst Kinetic Effect was still in 2 The Top). 'Borderin' was the last recording at Cold Storage Studio (where MC Mell 'O', and London Posse recorded material). Tim Westwood played 'Borderin' while it was on a tape, when he was at Capital Radio. It was officially released in 1993 on Insane Macbeth's own imprint, Insane Recordings. In 1995 he recorded 'Man Bites Dog'/ 'The Effect Of Fear' with Kinetic Effect. Moving away from the battle mentality, Kinetic Effect & Insane Macbeth wanted to explore more abstract concepts, with beats that were more like soundscapes! These two tracks were released in 1997 (whilst Insane Macbeth was at university, studying a philosophy degree). There are only 500 copies available of this single, these two tracks act as a precurser to the trip-hop & break-beat movement. In 1999, he started recording his album, tentatively called 'The "Retardation" Project'. Wishing to gain a more accessible sound (without moving away from what The Icepick called, "his dungeon sound"!), he completed 14 cuts. The album included Kinetic Effect, The 'Legendary' Icepick, Huntkillbury Finn, Grizzly, Shaka Shazzam, Crazy Noddy, and a protege of Insane Macbeth's called Ripper. There are only 100 white label copies of this album around.

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