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Biba Binoche

Betty Owczarek

Также известно как: BB, Biba Bioche

Дискография Biba Binoche:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Je T'aime Mélancolie (The Remixes) 5 audio iTunes 2003-04-23 Mostiko
2 Si Douce 4 audio iTunes 2003 Mostiko
3 Initials BB 13 audio iTunes 2003 Mostiko
4 Je Chante Pour Toi 2 audio iTunes 2004-02-16 Mostiko
5 Si Douce 3 audio iTunes 2003-01-04 Mostiko
6 Je T'Aime Melancolie 11 audio iTunes 2004 Hit 'N' Hot Music
7 Si Douce 3 audio iTunes 2005 Hit 'N' Hot Music
8 Je Suis Venue Te Dire Que Je M'En Vais 3 audio iTunes 2003 Mostiko
9 Initials BB 13 audio iTunes 2004 Turbo Music!
10 Je Chante Pour Toi 3 audio iTunes 2004-02-16 Mostiko

Without a doubt, [a=Betty (3)] was the number one Belgian sex symbol when she competed in the first Belgian [b]Big Brother[/b]. She didn't make the finals, but even when she was kicked out of the house she still was popular. In 2001, she started singing under the name of [a=Betty (3)], releasing dutch songs and doing fame to her playmate reputation. That year she also appeared in [b]Playboy[/b].
2 Years later the [a=Betty (3)] image wasn't popular enough so she started out as Biba Binoche releasing a more electronic style of music. Her first record on [l=Mostiko] label, a cover of the [a=Mylène Farmer] song "Je T´Aime Mélancolie", came out in 2003 and was a huge hit on the Belgian charts. Later, the second release appeared "Si Douce".

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