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Patrick Claesen

Patrick Claesen

Также известно как: Claesen, Claessen, P. Claesen, P. Krimson, P.Claesen, Pat Krimson, Patric Claesen, Patrick Claessen, Patrick Claessens, Patrick Jean-Marie Claesen

Дискография Patrick Claesen:

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Belgian musician/composer who had numerous projects, already starting in the mid 1980's.In 1988 Patrick Claesen, aka Pat Krimson was hired as promotion boy at Antler-Subway Records in Aarschot, Belgium. At that time nobody could have dreamed that this man from Limburg would become one of the driving forces behind this company. On the one hand he set up a succesful record label Dance Opera, which soon became one of the most popular labels thanks to hits like Time Modulator, Flashing and Fly Tox. On the other hand he founded the popular Flemmish band ‘Leopold 3′ (they performed only in Dutch, this band doesn’t exist any more)

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