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Veronica Larsson

Также известно как: SMiLE, SMiLE dK
Члены группы Smile.dk: Hanna Stockzell, Malin Kernby, Nina Boquist, Veronica Larsson
Группа в интернете: http://www.smiledkmusic.com/, http://www.bubblegumdancer.com/artists/smile-dk.htm, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smile.dk

Дискография Smile.dk:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Smile Paradise 7 audio iTunes 2001-01-31 Toshiba EMI Ltd
2 Future Girls 14 audio iTunes 2000-07-26 Medley Records
3 Butterfly 4 audio iTunes 1998
4 Butterfly 2 audio iTunes 1998 CNR Music Sweden
5 Boys 4 audio iTunes 1999 EMI-Medley (Denmark)
6 Smile 11 audio iTunes 1998-07-23
7 Boys 2 audio iTunes 1999 Arcade Music Company Sweden AB
8 Coconut 2 audio iTunes 1998
9 Party Around The World 13 audio iTunes 2008-10-28 NinthWave Records
10 Golden Sky 12 audio iTunes 2002-12-04 Medley Records
11 SMiLE 14 audio iTunes 1999 EMI (Korea)
12 Future Girls 15 audio iTunes 1999 EMI (Korea)
13 Smile 10 audio iTunes 1998 Medley Records
14 Doki Doki 7 audio iTunes 2008-12-04 Ninthwave Records
15 Party Around The World 14 audio iTunes 2009 EQ Music
16 Future Girls 12 audio iTunes 2001 EMI-Medley
17 Future Girls 14 audio iTunes 2001 Avex Asia Ltd.
18 Butterfly 3 audio iTunes 1998-07-16 EMI
19 Smile 14 audio iTunes 1999 EMI Music Asia
20 Doo Be Di Boy 5 audio iTunes 2001 Medley Records
21 Party Around The World 17 audio iTunes 2010 NinthWave Records
22 Moshi Moshi 3 audio iTunes 2011 Universal Music

SMiLE.dk was originally formed under the name SMiLE, but after Nina Boquist was replaced by Malin Kernby in 2000, the band name changed to SMiLE.dk. (Contrary to what that name might suggest, the girls are from Sweden, not Denmark; they are only marketed as a Danish band.) The dance-pop group is well known for their licenses in the Dance Dance Revolution games and Toshiba-EMI Japan's Dancemania albums. In 2005, according to their manager, Smile.dk had begun a hiatus due to both Almqvist and Kernby having become married; Kernby with a child on the way. However, he did not believe that Smile.dk would become defunct, which proved correct with their return, albeit without Kernby. Smile.dk's 2008 comeback was organised by American producer Jamie Thompson of [a1886271], and they released a new album, "Party Around The World". Malin Kernby was replaced by new member Hanna Stockzell, who is a friend of Veronica's. Hanna Stockzell just recently left the group as of April 2010 to pursue her career as a solo bubblegum dance artist and will be replaced by Veronica's friend Cecilia Reiskog. Smile.dk's "Party Around The World" CD was finally released in Japan in 2010 by Dreamusic, Inc. which contains not just 13 but massive sixteen (16) tracks including the bonus remixes of "Koko Soko" and "Butterly (2009 Version)". They are currently recording greatest hits album entitled "The Make Up Collection" which will be set for worldwide release very soon. This album will contain remakes from their previous hits in a brand new style plus a whooping eight brand new songs including the new hit single "Moshi Moshi" which was released in January of 2012. Also as a bonus, they will be releasing another song entitled "Baby Boom" written by Veronica and Cecilia as they confirmed that Veronica is pregnant for her second child and Cecilia as well. No further release date yet as the song is currently in production; the song was originally slated to be released in Spring of 2012 but unknown complications caused it to be pushed back. Cecilia Reiskog left the group for personal reasons and therefore Veronica finally decided not to look for another replacement instead she confirmed it via Facebook fan page that she will stand alone and continue to carry the name of Smile.dk as a solo Bubblegum dance artist instead of her real name to avoid confusion. She also confirmed that the new album "Make Up Collection" is in the finishing touches status and ready to release very soon.

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