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Der Bekannte Post Industrielle Trompeter

Flavio Rivabella

Также известно как: D.B.P.I.T, D.B.P.I.T., DBPIT
Группа в интернете: http://www.derbekannte.com/, http://dbpitxxena.altervista.org/, https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/D.B.P.I.T.

Дискография Der Bekannte Post Industrielle Trompeter:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Eleven 7 audio iTunes 2002 Misty Circles
2 Eleven 7 audio iTunes 2003
3 The Outstanding Story Of Mr. Mallory 8 audio iTunes 2004 Sweet Farewell
4 TrompoZmo 11 audio iTunes 2004
5 Si Re Si Mi 5 audio iTunes 2004 Musica di un certo livello
6 Stille Nacht / Dark King 2 audio iTunes 2005 White Rabbit Records
7 Freak Nerve Cell From Outer Space 3 audio iTunes 2005 Chondritic Sound
8 S.u.t.u.b. 9 audio iTunes 2005-10-00
9 Toads And Bugs 8 audio iTunes 2006 White Rabbit Records
10 AXxシ-Nn 5 audio iTunes 2007 Hypermodern
11 Alien Symbiosis 4 audio iTunes 2008 Deserted Factory
12 Drawings At An Exhibition 3 audio iTunes 2009-08-00
13 Live At Ex-Mental Hospital S. Maria Della Pietà - Roma 1/8/2008 2 audio iTunes 2008
14 Outer Larvas 4 audio iTunes 2010 Spettro Records
15 Alien Wedding 4 audio iTunes 2013-04-18 Ozky E-sound
16 Zur Farbenlehre 6 audio iTunes 2010 Gatti Rossi Che Cadono
17 Isometrie Sonore 4 audio iTunes 2013-09-04
18 Isometrie Sonore + Artemisio 10 audio iTunes 2013-09-04
19 IHSV 4 audio iTunes 2013-09-25 Industrial-Culture

Flavio Rivabella is "the notorious post-industrial trumpeter", named after a review on German magazine "Black". His music is a mixture of improvisation, alien ambient soundscapes and noise, above which his trumpet floats and dances. He used to be also a frequest guest musician in the crazy experimental/industrial/avantgarde/jazz band Mushroom's Patience. Currently he's working at Audio/Visual performances with his partner, XxeNa

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