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Также известно как: K.Z.9
Члены группы KZ9: Danilo Montagna, Fabrizio De Bon, Federico Trimeri, Kurt Der Verrückte, Wonder Wolf
Группа в интернете: http://kz9.toxicindustries.net

Дискография KZ9:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Gott, Nigger Und Würstel 27 audio iTunes 2008-06-24 Not On Label
2 Invasion Of The Wereniggers 80 audio iTunes 2008-08-01 Smell The Stench
3 Eccesso Di Melanina In Cristo 7 audio iTunes 2008-09-01 Not On Label
4 Josef A Go-Go 68 audio iTunes 2010-02-05 Underground Pollution Records
5 Une Baguette Pour Satan / Drunk Orchestra 46 audio iTunes 2008-10-24 Underground Pollution Records
6 Obscure Noisecore!!!! / Untitled / You Stole My Bananas! 110 audio iTunes 2009-08-07 Human Slaughterhouse
7 Grindy Granny's Grammophone Greaties 27 audio iTunes 2009 Vomit Bucket Productions
8 I Have A Dream 9 audio iTunes 2009-01-25 Not On Label
9 What A Shit!!! 19 audio iTunes 2009-05-25 Vomit Bucket Productions
10 Eccesso Di Melanina In Cristo 6 audio iTunes 2009-05-18 Old Turtles Tapes
11 See You In Valhalla Mighty Michael 64 audio iTunes 2009-07-20 Vomit Bucket Productions
12 Eccesso Di Melanina In Maometto 10 audio iTunes 2009-10-15 Not On Label
13 Untitled / 8-US 4 audio iTunes 2010-01-14 Cantankerous Records
14 4-Way Noisecore Tape 4 audio iTunes 2010-01-19 Filth Is My Life
15 Intestinal Explosions 5 Way Split 32 audio iTunes 2009-11-10 Underground Pollution Records
16 Arnold, But Not Schwarzenegger! 32 audio iTunes 2011-03-19 Not On Label
17 See You In Valhalla Mighty Muʿammar Al-Qadhdhāfī! 47 audio iTunes 2011-10-22 Not On Label
18 Yes Dio Can 16 audio iTunes 2012-10-29 Not On Label
19 See You In Valhalla Mighty Hugo Rafael Chavez Fría! 104 audio iTunes 2013-08-12 Not On Label

Old school noise-core band from Italy (not to be confused with [a=K.Z.9]). The initial line-up was a three pieces: Arzt David Maiser on guitar, Kurt Der Verrückte on bass and Oberleutnant Otto Ohlendorff on drums and vocals. In November 2009 the band became a four pieces with Wonder Wolf on drums. With January 2013, new cannon fodder joined and the band become again a three pieces: Oberleutnant Otto Ohlendorff on drums and vocals, Maslov Der Steinbrecher on bass and Ärztin Maria Black on female vocals. Other member didn’t left the band, they reached the status of “emeritus” members, yes like the pope! Current lineup: - [a=Ärztin Maria Black] - [a=Maslov Der Steinbrecher] (aka [a=Molestia Auricularum]) - [a=Oberleutnant Otto Ohlendorff] (aka [a=Fukte]) Emeritus members: - [a=Arzt David Maiser] (aka [a=Ezcaton]) - [a=Kurt Der Verrückte] - [a=Wonder Wolf]

Комментарии о KZ9: