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Daniel Bier

Также известно как: DJ Disko
Группа в интернете: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/DJ_Disko

Дискография Disko:

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DJ since 1989. Already with 16 years he began to spin records on school events. As a "rent-DJ" you could book him for private parties. In december 1991 he got his first booking for a big, professional party at "Quartier" in Berlin. After this event he received his own sunday night in 90* and, with his colleagues Terrible and Clemens Kahlcke ([url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Cl%C3%A9]Clè[/url]), the friday in Globus (Tresor). One day Jürgen Stöckemann ([a=Jonzon]) asked him to play at Planet, since then he was firstly resident at Planet and afterwards at E-Werk Berlin. Also he had bookings in foreign countries and on raves, like Mayday, Love Parade, Rave & Cruise, MTV Parties. In addition he worked as a music redacteur for Frontpage, as co-moderator with Ellen Fraatz ([a=Ellen Allien]) in her Braincandy-Show on KISS FM Berlin and since june 1997 he was moderator from Berlin House on VIVA TV. Daniel stopped dj-ing in 2001 but one year later he played some gigs around berlin again. When Berghain opened in 2004 he had some kind of a monthly residency there, he played there untill 2008. Nowadays he plays sporadicly in or around berlin.

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