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Stephan Scheltema

Stephan Scheltema

Также известно как: S. Schéltéma, S. Schelemta, S. Scheletema, S. Scheltema, S.Scheltema, Scheltema, Stef Scheltema, Stefan Scheitema, Stefan Scheltema, Stephen Scheltema
Группа в интернете: http://www.djpredator.com

Дискография Stephan Scheltema:

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Amsterdam-based DJ Predator - born 7th of July 1973 in Amsterdam - had to deal with a rebellious, creative mind all his life. Lost in grafitti art during his childhood. He became intrigued by early Rap music, Breakbeats, Reggae and Electro. The purchase of a Commodore Amiga in 1991, provided him with the means to experiment with beats and breaks himself. Influenced by his love for music and driven by the the rage of a young boy, he established his first release on vinyl in 1992. Living his dream of expressing his musical thoughts on recordings, his enthusiasm earned him the status of label manager for one of Holland’s best selling labels, at the time owned by the reknowned record company XSV Music in Rotterdam. All his time and money he spent in and on his studio. Slowly but surely maturing his natural love for Hiphop and Breaks, these musical styles started to sneak into his productions. Although still using a steady beat, he more and more found himself applying sophisticated drum patterns to his tracks, giving them more funk and more speed. In 1998, longing for a new creative challenge, Predator decided to have a major career change. From that moment on he wanted to present his dark, claustrophobic atmospheres to the Drum ‘n Bass scene. The shift immediately proved to be a success. As Dutch imprints A New Dawn and Acetate Recordings were securing Predator’s singles, UK labels such as 5HQ / Formation were quickly snatching up pairs of their own. In 2001, he joined one of the most prestigeous Dutch crews named Bassground and was voted best Dutch Drum ‘n Bass producer in 2002. Most important gigs: Scotland - Resurrection / Fubar / USA - Together as one / Nocturnal Wonderland Netherlands – Lowlands, Hellraiser, Dance Valley, Thunderdome, fast forward

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