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Simon Soussan

Также известно как: S. Simon, S. Soussan, S.Soussan, Simón Soussan, Simon, Soussan

Дискография Simon Soussan:

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Record Collector / Bootlegger / Producer, Los Angeles, USA Started out in the early 1970s with his bootleg/re-issue record labels [l=Soul Fox Records] and [l=Soul Galore]. These labels specialised in Northern Soul rarities for the burgeoning UK market of the time - either bootlegs of the originals or synth re-works by Soussan himself. By 1976 he had gone legit and teamed up with UK based Northern Soul DJ Ian Dewhirst. Dewhirst and Soussan collaborated on co-producing a Disco record – a medley of old Motown tunes which was eventually called “Uptown Festival” with the name Shalamar given to the studio group...

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