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Livingston Brown

Также известно как: Brown, L. Brown, Livingstone Brown, Livingstone Browne
Группа в интернете: http://www.livingstonebrown.com

Дискография Livingston Brown:

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British bass and keyboard player, Livingstone is a rare talent noted for being a multi genre musician, producer, mix engineer and song writer. As a session and touring musician during the 80s and 90s Livingstone worked with such artists as Phil Manzanera, Jan Akkerman, Tina Turner, Bryan Ferry, Robin Trower, Nina Hagen, ABC & Bill Withers. In 1991 he then turned to producing and specialised in developing new talent. Livingstone’s development of new artists has resulted in major label signings for Katie Jackson, Linda Kiraly, Laura, Sam Beeton and Sonna . 2010/11 has seen Livingstone producing and developing a variety of artists for Sony, Lioness Records, Universal and V-12 Record

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