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Christian Duran

Christian Durán

Также известно как: Christian Durán
Группа в интернете: http://www.christiandurandj.com, http://www.facebook.com/christiandurandj, http://www.facebook.com/djchristianduran, http://twitter.com/Christian_Duran, http://www.myspace.com/christianduran, http://www.myspace.com/christiandurandj, http://www.myspace.com/deejaychristianduran, http://www.beatport.com/#artist/christian-duran/2039, http://christianduran.spaces.live.com, http://christiandurandj.hi5.com, http://soundcloud.com/christianduran, http://mixcloud.com/christiandurandj, http://www.tilllate.es/es/artist/christian-duran, http://www.sonico.com/Christianduran, http://www.tagworld.com/profile/christianduran, http://www.deejays.es/comunidad/christianduran, http://es.youtube.com/ChristianDuranDj

Дискография Christian Duran:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Madreselva 3 audio iTunes 2003-11-17 Iberican! Recordings
2 Malayala 2 audio iTunes 2005-10-00 T.U.S.O.M. Recordings
3 Some Majixx Moments 3 audio iTunes 2007 Tweek'd Records
4 Monsta 2 audio iTunes 2007-03-16 BeatFreak Recordings

Chris (like his friends call him) is probably, one of the most famous DJ´s around Madrid´s nightclub scene, he has already played on the best clubs and make people dance for almost 20 years. He started his career when he was only 16. As a starting point, (1990-1993) he played on a few underground Madrid venues, but in 1994 he took one of his biggest challenges, he moved to the downtown, cause he was signed to play at the emblematic “Theater Kapital” (one of the best Madrid clubs ever). There he played pure house music for 8 years sharing dj booth with some of the greatest Dj's around the world. After this long period of steals, Chris decided to grow up musically and leave Theater Kapital to gain new musical gay experiences and starts playing underground music in the circuit, The coach of the Heaven Madrid the day of the gay pride, Big Events: Loveshow, The End And Session´s: Kapital Love, Pasapoga, Still, Noxx, Royal-Cool, etc … And the best After´s of the capital. Where rapidly he acquires a great popularity And it turns in dj recognized into the capital and With his productions out of Spain To follow his career in countries as Bulgaria, Tunisia, Turkia, Romania, Greece, etc.. Discography: Christian Durán “Madreselva” (Iberican Recordings) 2004 The Inca Bros Nation “Ethnikvox E.P” (Anis Musica) 2005 Christian Durán “Malayala” (T.U.S.O.M.) 2006 Christian Durán “Monsta” (Beat-Freak) 2007 Christian Durán “Madreselva 2007 Rmx” (Iberican Recordings) 2007 Christian Durán + Julian Poker “Sound Majixx Moments” (Tweek´d Records) 2007 Christian Durán & Julian Poker “Scorpions” (Dot Com Recordings) 2007 Christian Durán & Julian Poker “Reset Vol.1” (Beat-Freak Recordings) 2008 Christian Durán “Retrospective” (Dot Com Recordings) 2009 Christian Durán & Jose C. Martín “I Could U” (Drum God Recordings) 2011 Christian Durán “Broadband / Everywhere” (Beat Control Recordings) 2012 Remixes: Ivan Pica & Jon Flores “Just Belive” - Christian Durán & Bee Rmx (Sunset Digital) 2007 Oscar L “Chicago” - Christian Durán + Julian Poker Rmx (Shinshy Records) 2007 Jon Flores “Feedback” - Christian Durán + Julian Poker Rmx (Dot Com Recordings) 2008 Daniel Frontado “Blackout” – Christian Durán Rmx (Kraft Records) 2009 David Lacosta “Crazy” - Christian Durán Power Full Rmx (Feel The8 Records) 2011 Loquai “Walk on Planet” - Christian Durán Rmx (Mistique Music Records) 2011 Chus Lamboa “Around his Neck” - Christian Durán & Jose C. Martín Rmx (Synthetic Records) 2011 Julian Ferrer “Cuba” - Christian Durán Tribalound Rmx (Drum Drog Records) 2011 Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic “Healing” - Christian Durán Rmx (Mistique Music Records) 2011 Kay-D - Awakening In The Green - Christian Durán Rmx (Mistique Music Records) 2012 Celvin Harris Feat Ne-Yo “Let´s Go” – Christian Durán Pepsi 2012 Rmx (BeatPort) 2012 Compilation: Kapital “The Millennium Sessions” (Arcade) 2000 Kapital “Platinum” (Dreams Corporation) 2003 Love Show “The Album” (Dreams Corporation) 2004 Dot Com Music “The First Compiation” (Dot Com Recordings) 2008

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