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John H. Fitch, Jr.

John Henry Fitch Jr.

Также известно как: Fitch, H. Fitch, J . H. Fitch, J. Fitch, J. Fitch Jnr, J. Fitch Jr., J. H. Ficht, J. H. Fitch, J. H. Fitch, Jr., J.Finch, J.H. Ficht, J.H. Finch, J.H. Fitch, J.H. Fitch, Jr., J.P. Fitch, John Fitch, John Fitch Jnr., John Fitch Jr., John Fitch, Jr., John H. Fitch, John Henry Fitch, John Henry Fitch, Jr.
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/jhfitch

Дискография John H. Fitch, Jr.:

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American songwriter and guitarist of The Show Stoppers. In 1968 he was given a contract for a solo(!) single on Beacon Records - [I]"Romantic Attitude / Stoned Out Of It"[/I] (rel. 01-1969) - while the Show Stoppers were in the UK supporting their hit single "Ain't Nothing But A Houseparty". He worked as song writer for several artists, eg. [a73202] ("Shame"), [a80117] & [a122141], often together with his producer/writer partner [a152013].

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