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Morey Goldstein

Morey Goldstein

Также известно как: Goldstein, M. Goldstein, Morey

Дискография Morey Goldstein:

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As a professional musician, Morey was involved in many popular and influential groups in the Bay Area since moving here in 1975. He played the sax in Big Bang Beat, Butch Whacks & The Glass Packs, and the original Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra, and was fully involved in 1970s band The Readymades. Musical theatre roles included Richard Carpenter in the long-running holiday musical, "A Karen Carpenter Christmas." and also was one of the great figureheads in the San Francisco Disco Industry of the 1980s as he wrote and produced from the legendary Sylvester to his collaboration with Ken Kessie called Modern Rocketry which included several vocalists from the Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra. After disappearing from the disco world, Goldstein continued his musical journey in several tribute bands in San Francisco. In April 2008 it was discovered he had a brain tumor and died peacefully on July 5th 2008.

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