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J.K. Randall

Также известно как: J. K. Randall, Ph.D., Randall

Дискография J.K. Randall:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Electronic Music 10 audio iTunes 1974 Composers Recordings Inc. (CRI)
2 Open Space 13 6 audio iTunes 2001 Open Space
3 Open Space 1 2 audio iTunes 1989 Open Space
4 Open Space 5 3 audio iTunes 1993 Open Space
5 Open Space 7 24 audio iTunes 1995 Open Space
6 Gap 2, Gap 3, Gap 4, Gap 5 26 audio iTunes 1997 Open Space
7 Cleophila / The Fish / Svejk / Some Old Troubadour Songs 4 audio iTunes 1999 Open Space
8 Open Space 4 5 audio iTunes 1993 Open Space

J. K. Randall has described himself as a “pitchfreak." He was born in Cleveland in June 16, 1929, and lived in Princeton, NJ until his death on May 28, 2014. He lived with his wife of 57 years, two dogs, a turtle, and a cat. He studied piano with Leonard Shure and composition with Herbert Elwell, Alexei Haieff, George Thaddeus Jones, and Milton Babbitt, and taught at Princeton University from 1957 until his retirement in 1991. In the early ‘60s, he and Godfrey Winham inaugurated a computer music facility at Princeton, using a modified version of Bell Laboratories’ Music IV program. He has composed for piano, voice, violin and computer, marimba and violin (“Svejk”), saxophone and percussion, C-Sound, and most recently for Midi. Writing words, and especially words about, or reflective of, music, has been focal for Mr. Randall, as exemplified in Compose Yourself and Being About Music (2 vols., with Benjamin Boretz).

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