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Claire Laronde

Дискография Claire Laronde:

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Claire Laronde was born in 1962 in Paris. She studied music and dance at the same time. After a classical training in piano, harmony, analysis, orchestration and conducting, she branched into jazz, composing for and leading her own quartet. She then began writing instrumental pieces while studying electroacoustic composition at the CNSM in Paris. She is devoted to the development of sound in its inner dimension and relation to space. To combine her musical and choreographic passions she formed the Claire Laronde Company in 1992. She originated the Beze Abbey Music and Dance Festival of Burgundy in collaboration with Nicolas Brasart. She approaches sound as an expression of the interior movement of being. Sound develops within interior spaces, which are superimposed and encompass one another, so as to transport the listener to new dimensions. Her solo CD "Lumiere de L’instant” was released by EMEI in May 1996. Her electroacoustic compositions can also be found on several compilation “Electroshock Presents: Electroacoustic Music” CDs released by “Electroshock Records” in 1998, 2000. 2002, 2003.

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