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Lukazs Szalankiewicz

Дискография Lukazs Szalankiewicz:

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Lukasz Szalankiewicz is a sound-designer, a digital music composer. Lives in Cracow. One of the first people in Poland, who found the demo-scene on PC (the hermetic group of artists creating on computers a different kind of expression: programming (coding), graphic art, animation, music and text). Since 1994 under pseudonym ZENIAL co-operated with multimedial groups like “Hypnotize” and “The Grid”. Author of various articles for disc magazines (disseminated in digital form). Also writes for official computer press about demo-scene (for example “CD-Action”). From 1995 to 1997 was creating music in a special project called “Anastazya”. At that time was mainly interested in techno, industrial, and experiments with rhythm. The effect of this work was available through the "tape traders" channels. In 1998 participated in two projects: “Jantar DC55” (ambient) and “Palsecam”. The main principle of “Palsecam” is " intermingling" of composers own creations with solo activities of other members of the group. “Palsecam” is an audio-visual project aiming at the interaction with public. Also Lukasz was the co-operator of the net magazine “Eld Rich Palmer” which specializes in experimental music. His current specific areas of interest include an aesthetics of noise, particularly the Japanese form of radical sounds and every symptom of abstraction and grotesque in life and art. Actively co-operate with various musicians.

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