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Michal Bukowski

Дискография Michal Bukowski:

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Michal Bukowsky (1975) (or “Bookovsky” as he sometimes put it) musician, composer. Experiments in “Berlin-school” electronic music. Also composes electronic music under various nicknames. Published three solo albums: "Uklad Sloneczny – Naszyjnik Boga" in 1996, “Sen Paranoika” in 2000 and “ANALOGy” in 2002. Played in several Polish groups. Founded his own music project “Geiger Box” and in 2003 published a record of this band in his native country. “Geiger Box” plays not only traditional “Berlin-school” music style that is typical for Michal but combination of above mentioned style with techno-electro-pop-kraftwerk-like electronic music. Now Bukowsky is working on his fourth solo album “Book of Sky” that is practically ready and is going to be published in 2004/2005.

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