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Mirjam Tally

Также известно как: Mirjam Tally (1976)

Дискография Mirjam Tally:

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Mirjam Tally (b. 1976) graduated from the Estonian Academy of Music in 2000; she studied composition under Prof. Lepo Sumera and simultaneously furthered her knowledge of electronic music with Rauno Remme. 2003 post-graduate studies at EAoM. She regularly hosts programs of contemporary music on Estonian Radio's Klassikaraadio channel. Tally's compositional interests lie in the fusing of acoustic and electronic modes of expression as well as in uncommon instrumental configurations (kannel, accordion, didgeridoo, tanbur, etc). She has composed chiefly chamber works: Struktuurid (Structures) for kannel, 1996 Mythos for kannel ensemble and electronics, 2000 Songs, e.g. "Kaks Vaadet Merele", "Narbumatu Lumi" (Two Views of the Sea, and Unfading Snow, setting to music the poems of, correspondingly, Artur Alliksaar and Tonu Onnepalu) Tean, et Taassunnin Linnuna (I Know I'll Be Reborn as a Bird), 2001, for large ensemble

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