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Luis Rodriguez

Luis Rodriguez-Salazar

Также известно как: "Modern Talking" Producer, Bobby To, José Rodriguez, L .Rodriguez, L. R. Rodriguez, L. Ricco, L. Rodrigues, L. Rodrigues-Salazar, L. Rodriguez, L. Rodriguez - Salazar, L. Rodriguez-Salazar, L. Salazar, L.Rodriguez - Salazar, L.Rodriguez-Salazar, L.Salazar, Laslo Salazar, Louis Rodrigues, Louis Rodriguez, Luis, Luis "turbo" Rodriguez, Luis Radriguez/Salazar, Luis Rodrigez, Luis Rodrigues, Luis Rodrigues-Salazar, Luis Rodriguez - Salazar, Luis Rodriguez / Salazar, Luis Rodriguez-Salazar, Luis Rodriguez/Salazar, Luis Rodriquez, Luis Rodriquez-Salagari, Luis Rudriguez, Luise Rodriguez, Luiz Rodrigez, Luiz Rodriguez, Ricco, Rod, Rodriguez, Rodriguez - Salazar, Rodriguez Salazar, Rodriguez, Luis, Rodriguez, Salazar, Rodriguez-Salazar, Rodriguez-Salazar, Luis, Rodriguez/Salazar, Rodriquez Salazar, Rodriquez-Salazar, Salazar
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luis_Rodr%C3%ADguez_%28producer%29, http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luis_Rodriguez_%28Produzent%29

Дискография Luis Rodriguez:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Niña 2 audio iTunes 1983 Master Records (3)
2 Shady Lady Baby Doll / Highway Queen 2 audio iTunes 1979 Philips
3 Mujer / Ana 2 audio iTunes 1978 Crystal (5)
4 Geh Noch Nicht Nach Hause 2 audio iTunes 1975 Decca
5 Rose Von Valencia 2 audio iTunes 1975 Decca

He started in mid-seventies as a singer, but is mostly known as the co-producer, arranger, mixer and engineer behind the eighties-era euro-disco sound of [a=Modern Talking]. Luis Rodriguez co-produced such artists as [a=C.C. Catch], [a=Blue System], [a=Chris Norman] (ex-[a=Smokie]), [a=Bonnie Tyler], [a=Les McKeown] (ex-[a=Bay City Rollers]), [a=Errol Brown] (ex-[a=Hot Chocolate]) etc. In mid-eighties he worked on numerous projects like [a=New Baccara], [a=Mike Mareen], [a=Loco Loco (2)], [a=Chicano (4)], [a=T. Ark], [a=Sweet Connection] etc. With vocals of his wife [a=Josephine Hiebel] he made a string of dance-projects such as: [a=Creative Connection], [a=Josy], [a=Dana Harris (3)] etc. Nowadays Luis keeps on working on various projects: [a=2 Eivissa] (No1 in Spain in 1997), [a=David Tavaré] (No1 in Spain in 2006), [a=Matthias Reim], [a=Mark Ashley (2)], [a=Oliver Lukas] and, of course, with [a=Lian Ross]. He is founder/owner of [l=LR Musikverlag], [l=Studio 33 Mallorca].

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