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DJ Loctgruv

Группа в интернете: https://soundcloud.com/dj-loctgruv

Дискография DJ Loctgruv:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Tee La Dub 3 audio iTunes 2003 Bosh
2 16 Bits Of Wisdom 3 audio iTunes 2008-05-20 Bitchin Gruvs

Since 1986 Loctgruv has been shaping sounds with the decks. No stranger to playing any kind of music, Loctgruv's take on tech house is rough around the edges, but glistening with deep synth melodies, a tough beat, and a very funky bassline....dj loctgruv, producer, musician and dj. Blaktrax, bosh records, bitchin gruvs records tigerhook corp. Join me on facebook and the Dj List.Links are on the side. Loctgruv is no stranger to playing almost any kind of music, but is a techno house dj at heart. Jazz, funk, techno, house, psychedelia, hip-hop, disco, electro, rock and noise can all be found within the mixes presented here. This is about HOUSE music. Most of the white label mixes here are FREE FOR DOWNLOAD. Flashback to 1986 listening to Little Louie Vega and Glen Friscia mixing up a stew of styles on Hot 103 (before it was Hot 97), running house and freestyle records like they were hip-hop records. Remixers like Shep Pettibone, Chris Barbosa, Flood, Kevin Saunderson, Francios K, Justin Strauss, David Morales, and SAW were big influences as well. Loctgruv took notes throughout high school while schooling on New Order, Jody Watley, Depeche Mode, The Beastie Boys, NY Radio, freestyle and classic early house and techno. Projects ensued; a stint on the radio during college, a move to Philly, some Philly club residencies, (ENVY, Swanky Bubbles, Proto Lounge, Valanni, Lounge 125, Silk City, Fluid) induction into Tigerhook Corp., and a record for Bosh that garnered positive reviews in iDJ and DJ Magazine (UK). Jez Torrance of iDJ described the sound as melancholic, spiritual and even "spatial, luscious and downright beautiful." Consistently Loctgruv has always been a bedroom dj at heart, makin music for the head as well as the dancefloor, hiding out in the shadows of his home, thinking about taking over the world with housemusic. Loctgruv is a self trained multi-instrumentalist who plays the guitar, bass, drums, decks and synths and has not only been a dj for a long time but has contributed to and fronted a few bands over the years as well. , Dj Loctgruv and label ailiases Loctgruv Soul Project, The Funky Shadow, Kilobyte Kids, The Past Master, and Gettoblasta can be found online in music stores like iTunes, Beatport, and Amazon and other sites. Look out for Loctgruv's "4 to the Floor" remix of Mista A's "Dont Break It" on Decibel NYC records, avail Jan 17th 2012 everywhere digitally. Shouts to the old school tigerhookers wherever u all are Randall Jones, Hito, Deep C, Chris Udoh, Rodrigo Ramirez, Hollis Monroe, Pat Parker and Mark Pappas.....Thank you to all my people and my supporters. Peace......keep evolving always. Vote for DJ Loctgruv on the DJ list. Follow Loctgruv on soundcloud exclusively. Contact/remixes/bookings: djloctgruv@hotmail.com

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