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DJ Homer

Дискография DJ Homer:

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Dj Homer has been in the business since in 1995. From 1999 to 2002 has been a proud member and co-founder of the outstanding label INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH EUROPE, a division of INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH USA. He played in the major italian events like: Thunderdome in Italy - Underconstruction - Hardcore Nation - Global Nation and in the biggest italian and international clubs, like Number One - Gheodrome - Ecu - Matis - Oxa Club - Gate One - Colossos - etc… His experience as a DJ brought him out to the most important European events (Energy - Goliath - Rave Olympia - Misteryland - Hotten than hell - White Wolf - Sonic - Evolution, etc...) He also produced and released, with DJ Jappo, Lethal Insanity 001 and 002 and Industrial Strength Europe 001, 002, 004.

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