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Body Electric, The

Alan Jansson, Garry Smith, Wendy Calder

Также известно как: Body Electric
Члены группы Body Electric, The: Alan Jansson, Andy Drey, Garry Smith, Wendy Calder

Дискография Body Electric, The:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Body Electric 4 audio iTunes 1982 Jayrem Records
2 Presentation And Reality 9 audio iTunes 1983 Jayrem Records
3 Pulsing (Dance Mix) 2 audio iTunes 1983-03-00 Jayrem Records
4 Dreaming In A Life / Interior Exile 5 audio iTunes 1983
5 Presentation And Reality 9 audio iTunes 1983 Jayrem Records
6 Dreaming In A Life 4 audio iTunes 1983 Jayrem Records
7 Positive Charge 6 audio iTunes 2011 Not On Label (The Body Electric Self-Release)

One of the first electronic bands in New Zealand, and hugely influential, The Body Electric were formed in 1982 by [a=Alan Jansson], although he was credited on first releases as Alan Jimson, and [a=Andy Drey]. During their initial rehearsals, they were then joined by actor-turned-singer [a=Garry Smith]. The group's debut single, Pulsing, was picked up by radio programmers and spent 27 weeks in the charts. Not entirely indicative of their sound, the track has a novelty quality to it. Following the success of Pulsing, Andy Drey was replaced by [a=Spines] bassist [a=Wendy Calder] and the group released two more minor hits (Dreaming In A Life and Imagination) and a full length album before splitting in 1984. Jansson went into record production in Auckland and had a global hit with [a=OMC] in the 1990s, and Smith was later the manager of The New Zealand Ballet Company.

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