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Jo Casters

Johan Casters

Также известно как: Casters, J. Casters, J.C., JC, Jo, Jo "La Bete Noire", Jo "Le Bete Noire", Johan Casters
Группа в интернете: http://www.poesienoire.com/

Дискография Jo Casters:

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Seminal Belgian musician and producer has been a key part of the Belgian music scene for over 20 years. Originally the founder of Poésie Noire, Casters was later one third of the Belgian trio Morton, Sherman and Belluci. Casters was Morton and Sherman was his Poésie Noire bandmate Herman Gillis. Together, the three were among the founders and most productive artists in the New Beat movement of 1987. They released around an estimated 100 recordings in one single full year under a plethora of names. He and Gillis also formed the fake Yugoslavian band In Sotto Voce, where he adopted the name Ilya Dimitrijevic. His various aliases also include Joey Morton, Pateke Morton, Jill (or Jille) Johnson and Alessandro Di Ravo.

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