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Fillmore King

Также известно как: F. King
Группа в интернете: http://wetkissproductions.com/philking.html

Дискография Fillmore King:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Keep On Dancin' 2 audio iTunes 1983 BMC Records
2 Keep On Dancin' 2 audio iTunes 1982 Pinnacle Records
3 Keep On Dancin' 2 audio iTunes 1982 GCH Records
4 Keep On Dancin' 2 audio iTunes 1983 BMC Records

Fillmore King has built a life long career in music. His roots go back to the early days in Tobago when, as a youngster, he took the town by storm, performing live on stage, radio and television. At the tender age of ten, he showed the promise of a gifted singer and musician. He first began performing with his sister. The duo soon became a family foursome when they were joined by two of their siblings. Fillmore starred in the weekly "Phil Swing King Show" which was, without doubt, the hottest live show around. Fillmore performed live at Queen's Hall, the equivalent of Carnegie Hall, in Port of Spain, Trinidad. He formed a group called Phil King and the Swing Pins and they performed for local audiences. He then became a member of the popular group known as The Strollers. Their performances of R&B and the popular tunes of the day were in demand throughout the Caribbean, where they toured extensively. Fillmore moved to Canada in his early twenties and in no time, became a member of a group. This led him to other groups and subsequently to form several groups of his own. His repertoire spanned a vast array of styles from R&B, calypso/soca and pop. Accompanied by his musicians, he toured throughout Canada and became a favorite on the dance scene. Fillmore was a featured performer on the well-known television extravaganza "The Telethon of Stars". In addition to his performing career, Fillmore made time to study radio and television broadcasting at the National Institute of Broadcasting. Fillmore recorded the theme song for "Spaced Out", an animated cartoon video for children. He has recorded radio commercials. Fillmore combines a hard soulful vocal style with melodic harmony and solid music to produce a sound performance that is both energetic and passionate. In addition to his talent as a vocalist, Fillmore is an accomplished musician who plays a number of instruments. In his capacity as composer, arranger and producer, he has four albums and four singles to his credit

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