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Adrian Mark Pistritto

Группа в интернете: http://www.mp3.com.au/Serotone/

Дискография Serotone:

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Adrian Mark Pistritto was born in Melbourne on the 31st of March, 1981. Since his early childhood he was interested in anything electronic, and music was certainly no exception. Whilst having an interest in some mainstream music, Adrian also followed the work of artists such as Jean Michael Jarre, whose awesome live shows and radical music were full of the very thing Adrian loved; electronics. At the age of 9, he began learning the piano, studying both modern and classical 'pianoforte' with ANZCA. One day Adrian was introduced to a simple little computer program called 'MODEDIT', one of many programs known as trackers that turn a simple PC into a powerful sample based music workstation. It was through using this program that Adrian began experimenting with electronic music, creating his own sounds, crude as they were back then however still a start. Starting with these basic tunes and tools, Adrian gradually moved onto bigger and better things, finally sticking with impulse tracker. Adrian began DJ'ing in 96, after meeting Robert Anthony, a young fellow with similar interests in music, and together they explored the various styles of electronica around at the time. In 1997 they joined forces in production for a short time and did some work under the alias of Nexus, which got airplay on Kiss 90 FM in Melbourne. During the year of 98, Adrian pulled back a little from music, as he was in the process of studying his final year of school, and as a result the piano tuition was put on hold. With high school behind him, Adrian made his first serious step towards dance music production, with the purchase of some real gear at the end of 1998. Throughout 1999, Adrian's taste for music developed into his own form of hard trance, and he worked his set into a mixture of emotional breaks, slamming beats and peaking buildups. Under the name of DayWalker, Adrian first played to a crowd at the Coburg Festa in late 1999, which proved to be a good experience for him, as not many of his friends had heard him play until then. His next major gig was at freestyle, a free outdoor rave party in early 2000 at the Malvern Skate Park. Since then Adrian's work has progressed through many different genres, and has settled on a dark, dancefloor orientated hard techno sound with a twist.

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