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Lolita (2)

Elena Gobbi (formerly Annerly Gordon)

Члены группы Lolita (2): Annerley Gordon, Elena Gobbi Frattini

Дискография Lolita (2):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Don't You Want My Heart / Heart Attack / Anyday Anynight / Kiss 2 Kiss 4 audio iTunes 2005-04-02 Avex Trax
2 Try Me 3 audio iTunes 1994-12-21 Avex Trax
3 Carillon 5 audio iTunes 1994 A.Beat-C.
4 Because I Need You / Higher & Higher 2 audio iTunes 1997 A.Beat-C.
5 Think Of You / Light Your Fire / Ready For Your Heart / Everybody Dance 4 audio iTunes 2000 A.Beat-C.
6 Wanna Be Your Emotion / Sexy Hi Sexy Eyes / Jolie / Riding On Fire 4 audio iTunes 2001 A.Beat-C.
7 Romeo & Juliet / Goin' On / Macho Man 3 audio iTunes 1998 A.Beat-C.
8 Walkie Talkie / Wake Up 4 audio iTunes 1993 Avex Trax
9 Time To Dance 4 audio iTunes 1994 A.Beat-C.
10 Pizza Dance / Pretty Woman 4 audio iTunes 1994 Avex Trax
11 Try Me (Lolita's 1st) 13 audio iTunes 1995-01-21 Avex Trax
12 Highway / Happy Anniversary 2 audio iTunes 1996 A.Beat-C.
13 Hot Vampire (Remix) / Easy 2 audio iTunes 2001 Avex Trax
14 Come On Baby 5 audio iTunes 1995 A.Beat-C.
15 Watch Me Dancing / Ready To Dance / Party Girl / Heartbeat 4 audio iTunes 2001 Avex Trax
16 Super Eurobeat Presents Lolita Special Collection Vol.1 13 audio iTunes 2009-03-25 Rodgers & Contini Records
17 Super Eurobeat Presents Lolita Special Collection Vol.2 13 audio iTunes 2009-03-25 Rodgers & Contini Records
18 Cherry Girl 5 audio iTunes 1994 A.Beat-C.
19 Please Me Now 4 audio iTunes 1993 A.Beat-C.

Lolita was the name used for an Italian Eurodance project led by many producers, and fronted by two different vocalists over the years. [a=Annerley Gordon] AKA [a=Ann Lee] was the performer up to 1995 ("Try Me", "Cherry Girl" were among the most popular songs), but left around that time to perform vocals for [a=Whigfield]. A project very similar to Lolita was [a=Virginelle], produced approximately by the same rolling team and in which Gordon sang "Lucky Lucky". Ever since [a=Annerley Gordon] left, vocalist [a=Elena Gobbi] took the parts of both Lolita and [a=Virginelle]. Here is a list of some producers/writers involved in the Lolita project over the years: [a=Giancarlo Pasquini] AKA [a=Dave Rodgers], [a=Sandro Oliva], [a=Andrea Leonardi] AKA [a=Bratt Sinclaire], [a=Alberto Contini], [a=Hinoky Team], [a=Giordano Foglia], [a=Marco Gulinelli].

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