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Marlon Malone

Также известно как: J Malone, J. Malone, John Malone, Marlone Malone

Дискография Marlon Malone:

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Detroit native Marlon Malone (p.k.a. "Supreme") was destined to be in the music industry considering his father, Johnny Malone (one-half of Malone & Barnes) was instrumental in creating one of funk music's most celebrated classics "Freedom Serenade" as well as a chief collaborator with the likes of A Taste of Honey and the legendary Mizell Brothers. After relocating down south Marlon Malone came to prominence as a radio personality, songwriter, and hip hop producer. In 1996, he released the hip hop classic "Supreme's Lounge" to critical acclaim. He has also written songs for R. Kelly and remixed songs by Aaliyah. Recently, Marlon hooked up with fellow Detroiter Amp Fiddler on his 2004 release "Waltz of a Ghetto Fly" writing the first single "I Believe In You" and producing the sultry "Unconditional Eyes". As a musician, Marlon plays keyboards and sings with the band Mecca's Groove and has performed with the likes of Dwele, Kindred the Family Soul, Cee-Lo, and Reel Big Fish. Marlon Malone is currently working on a new solo project titled "Sonic Masterpieces" due out soon!!!

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