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Massimo Berardi

Massimo Berardi

Также известно как: Berardi, M. Berardi, M. Berardi, M.Berardi, Massimo 'MB' Berardi
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/massimoberardi, http://www.facebook.com/massimo.berardi

Дискография Massimo Berardi:

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Italian record producer, club-dj and mixing engineer (Rome, December 11, 1960) He began his long career as a club-dj at famous [i]Penny Club[/i] in Frascati (on the Roman hills) and continues in the best disco-clubs in the capital and all over the country. He is concentrated in the record productions with the Mad deejays band giving life to various hits, with the collaboration of many italian famous artists in the record scene such as [a=Jovanotti], [a=Ice One] and [a=Giorgio Prezioso]. His production continue under “MB”.

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