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Pierluigi Giombini

Дискография Belonius:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Balera Mix 4 audio iTunes 1993 Baby Records (2)

Italian arranger & composer, born (Roma, 11th of December, 1956) in a family of musicians - son of composer [a=Marcello Giombini] - was led to music from an early age becaming one of the best 80's Italo-Disco arrangers. After his first work in 1980 called [a=Range] with Natascia Maimone (aka [a=Natasha King] and [a=Paul Mazzolini] (aka [a=Gazebo]) in 1982, he writes a true milestones such as [i]Masterpiece, Lunatic, I Like Chopin[/i] (Gazebo) and [i]You're A Danger[/i] by [a=Gary Low] getting a huge success worlwide. Then, after [i]Tip Tap Dancer[/i] by [a=Tortuga], [i]Am-Fm[/i] by Natasha King, [i]Little Big Man[/i] by [a=Bobby Game] and [i]Dancing Shoes[/i] by [a=Pancho Ballet], all of them released on [l=Best Record] by [a=Claudio Casalini], he comes with his most striking song with [i]Dolce Vita[/i] by [a=Ryan Paris] on [l=Discomagic] by [a=Severo Lombardoni] which stands as [i]biggest European hit 1984[/i] with over 5 million copies sold.

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