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Mainframe (9)

Kevin Jobe

Группа в интернете: http://djmainframe.com/

Дискография Mainframe (9):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Roll Up / Spy Games 2 audio iTunes 2003 Jungle Riddim
2 Hyper / Rudebwoy Shuffle 2 audio iTunes 2005 Raggatek Recordings
3 Big Pops' Chinchilla / Everytime Run Red 2 audio iTunes 2005 X-13 Recordings
4 Big Pops' Chinchilla 3 audio iTunes 2005 X-13 Recordings
5 Burial Killin' / Murda D'Lux 2 audio iTunes 2004-03-26 Jungle Riddim
6 Scottie! (Trip Back To The 90's Mix) 3 audio iTunes 2006-02-27 Hum Fi Drum
7 Johnny! (2006 Refix) 3 audio iTunes 2006-02-27 Hum Fi Drum
8 Forward / Lick A Shot 2 audio iTunes 2007-05-07 Warlord Dubplate

When Kevin Jobe found Jungle/Drum N Bass at a party called "Catwalk" in Pomona, Ca (yes..the Fox..puke on the staircase..that place is nasty..blek), everything changed. The infectious beats and driving bass lines were exactly what he was looking for after spinning 5 years of hip hop, in what seemed to him as a changing scene.. going in a direction that just wasnt appealing to him. The hip hop crossovers are what first brought him in, then progressed to all branches of jungle/dnb. Deciding to take that extra step and start spinning dnb, Kevin never knew what pandora's box he was opening. Now, 6 years later, Kevin has put in plenty of his share of time into the scene, countless gigs with artsists such as [a=Andy C], [a=Hive], [a=Silver (2)], [a=R.A.W (2)]., [a=CRS?], [a=Gridlok], [a=General Malice], and more.. played with MC's TC Izlam, Dre, Blitz, Red October, Stylus, Humanoize, and more.. Dj'ing paved the way for Mainframe's producing career. In 2002, Mainframe composed a song that ultimately happened to be the flip of [l=Jungle Riddim] Records' first release, [r=495450]. Since this time, Mainframe has dived head first into producing, working hard each and every day to perfect his craft. [l=Jungle Riddim] 001 begat 002, with "Murda D'Lux", capturing a more mashy style. As his producing skills increased and styles changed, Mainframe then released on [l=RaggaTek Recordings] [r=521773]. "Hyper" has seemed to fully carve Mainframe's name into the walls of Drum N Bass, permanently. With great responses from all over the world, the international demand for Mainframe has now begun. Following up his big release with RaggaTek, Mainframe earned his way into the [l=X-13 Recordings] camp, a well established Ragga Jungle label known for only putting out quality tracks. This latest release [r=555820], is forecasted to be a huge release and he is also looking forward to [r=604198],-, that will feature his largely anticipated release "Run It!" featuring [a=Red October] of [l=Jungle Riddim] Records. With nothing but open road ahead of him, Mainframe continues to excel and progress quickly as his arsenal of tunes and releases pile up.

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